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TTR1 June 2017 photo of graduates with certs

New Mindful Academy Team 2017

The Neuroscience of Attachment

The Neuroscience of Attachment

We invite the patient to participate in their own movement toward greater levels of health and wellbeing

MBSR and other mindfulness-based interventions modeled on it are intrinsically a participatory engagement. . .

TTR1 Oct 2016 photo of graduates with certs

The Mindfulness Summit

The Mindfulness Summit

Bad Relations: Study Finds Fight or Flight Response Tied to Pain in Fibromyalgia

We know that increased activation of the sympathetic nervous (fight or flight) system is present in fibromyalgia but is it contributing to the pain there?

The 8 Attitudinals of Mindfulness

1) Non-Judgment: impartial witnessing, observing your evaluations and categorizations

Managing pain with the power of the mind

Managing pain with the power of the mind


Vidyamala Burch is helping people in pain through the practice of "mindfulness", the act of paying more attention to the present moment. But it took her many years to discover it for herself first.

Photos from the TTR2, November 2014


Mindfulness Teacher Training

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