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Mindfulness Isn't Just Mind Medicine, It's Also Good For Your Heart

New research has found a convincing link between mindfulness and improved cardiovascular health. Researchers from Brown University say they’ve uncovered evidence suggesting that “dispositional mindfulness” is directly associated with scores on four of seven cardiovascular health indicators, and better health overall.

The machinery of upset

(Emotional) life is great when we feel enthusiastic, contented, peaceful, happy, interested, loving, etc. But when we’re upset, or aroused to go looking for trouble, life ain’t so great.

The Foundations of Well-Being program

The Foundations of Well-Being program uses the power of positive neuroplasticity to hardwire more happiness, resilience, self-worth, love, and peace into your brain and your life.

Article: How Mindfulness works to help the Brain manage Pain

Following on from our discussion during the Anatomy session on TTR1, I thought you might like this article on How Mindfulness works to help the Brain manage Pain by Ruth Byczynski PhD 

Can meditation help you feel less pain?

Video: The neuroscience of mindfulness

Video: Coming to Our Senses with Jon Kabat-Zinn

9 min video

Video: Taking in the good

Today we don't gather our own food, fight off wild animals, or live in caves. And yet, explains Dr. Rick Hanson, we're equipped with stone-aged brains. With practice, however, we can change our brains, and our lives, for the better.

Article: Research into benefits of meditation

Research into benefits of meditation on mental health The following is a summary, compiled by Breathing Space, LBC London, of recent research into the positive effects of meditation on mental health.

1. Introduction

Photos from the July 2014 TTR2 course

Here are some of the Photos.


MBSR Students meditating

Photos from the May 2014 TTR1 course

The May TTR1 course, on our final morning. Well done everyone!


Mindfulness Teacher Training

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