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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Bodhin Teaching Mindfulness

We run residential retreats of 5 or 6 days duration suitable for anyone teaching or aspiring to teach mindfulness in healthcare, psychology, education, science, or in the business and corporate sectors and provide an excellent way for mindfulness teachers to fulfil the good practice requirement to participate in an annual residential teacher-led mindfulness meditation retreat.(They also meets one of the requirements for applying to the Advanced Mindful Academy MBSR Teacher Training program)

These retreats offer the opportunity to have an intensive practice, during which it will be possible to cultivate and nourish the special sentivity that underlies awareness practices. In this period in which Mindfulness practice has become so popular, it is possible to misinterpret it as a technique to learn quickly and to apply easily, rather than an inner and heartfelt personal resource to develop through a long-life practice. Many of us are getting a taste of meditation and a wish to practise more intensively, but there are limited opportunities to take our mindfulness practice deeper.

During the retreats the participants will have the possibility to get closer to and comprehend their personal experiences through the practice of mindfulness meditation in its universal and non-sectarian expression, conveying the way, spirit and practice of MBSR.

cpd logoNoble Silence

During the retreats there will be extensive periods of silence. Noble silence is a profound condition which will allow us to get in touch with one of the most important human resources that is "listening".

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