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Continuing Education Online 

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From our strong Solterreno roots, the Mindful Academy Solterreno Teacher Training and Silent Retreats, we continue to grow as a community, attend to integrity and deepen teacher embodiment through our continuing education events and regular supervision.  

The intention of the CPD Masterclass Series is to:

  • co-create safe learning spaces where mindfulness teachers can come together, from around the globe, in a community of practice
  • deepen our practice of listening deeply to our own experience 
  • speak and listen to each other with the same depth of practice
  • embodying and actively practising non judgment of our present moment experiences
  • Deepen core MBSR teaching competencies

“Sit with Inquiry Practice” 

Weekly sessions with Dr. Sheena Burke  

Sit with Inquiry sessions are offered in 4-week blocks with 2-week breaks between blocks. Advance booking is essential to maintain small group sizes that support the intention and practice of deep listening. We sit together in companionable silent practice and participate in the inquiry process. This is an opportunity to show up as ‘participant’ rather than ‘teacher’ and to connect with fellow MBSR teachers.  Places may be booked to attend all or some of the 4 week block of sessions. 

Two time options of Wednesday mornings 11 am (CET) & Thursday evening 8.30pm  (CET) are offered. 

Contact Sheena:

Teaching MBSR Online”: 

A 3-part series - with Claire Griffin, Senior Teacher

This comprehensive course offers a live, interactive and collaborative way of learning and developing the necessary skills to teach the 8-week MBSR course via videoconference. During the training, both the technical and the key teaching elements needed to successfully facilitate the MBSR course in the live online environment will be explored, including practising the experiential exercises of MBSR and how these can best be facilitated with creativity and fidelity to the learning themes of the sessions, in the online space.

Contact Claire:

“Teaching Mindful Movement”

A 3-part series with Monique Leverington, MBSR and Yoga Trainer

Master Classes

This specially designed course will support you to teach mindful movement practices that are functional, safe, supportive and trauma informed. During the training you will further your skills and learn how to create supportive and accessible classes for your communities both online and or in person. Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Humans also come with emotional and behavioural differences with varying values, opinions, attitudes and life experiences including trauma. As mindful movement teachers, becoming aware and awake to the differences means to recognise that all participants are infinitely unique.

Contact Monique:


“Meeting Uncertainty Together”: How may MBSR maps and metaphors serve us? 

A morning of practice and inquiry led by Dr. Sheena Burke

As we continue to move through an unprecedented global pandemic with as much as 50% of the world under ‘lockdown’ periods for repeated and prolonged time periods this year,  we ask the key question – what does MBSR offer in the midst of this? 

In this morning session, we will practice, inquire and dialogue on recent experiences of teaching MBSR in the midst of a global pandemic.  We will engage in the practice of mindfulness as heartfulness, that holds non-judgement, open mind and warm hearts at the essential core. We will also review key MBSR maps and metaphors from the wider teaching community and explore how they may serve our practice and teaching now and into the future as we move into new phases of living alongside COVID-19.  This morning session is highly experiential, reflective, connective and collaborative. 

Contact Sheena:

“Deepening Practice: A poly-vagal informed MBSR? 

A morning of practice and inquiry led by Dr. Sheena Burke

As MBSR teachers we stand on the shoulders of many giants, from early buddhist teachings to modern day neuroscience and psychological research evidence. We may call these the ‘elders’ of our MBSR community. In this session we will explore, through practice and inquiry, poly-vagal theory as a framework that can enhance our trauma-sensitive teaching and practice in MBSR. It sits alongside the ‘Window of Tolerance’ concept in practical ways.

Poly-vagal theory was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges who proposes that engaging our social engagement system is our default strategy we use to regulate our stress responses. The social engagement system helps us to manage threat and danger in the world and involves the regulation of the muscles of the face, head and heart. We will explore the theory through experience and reflect on how this work can strengthen our skills as MBSR teachers.  We will trust in emergent learning as we share the joy of mindful movement together as a neural exercise that can help us to move from stressed to calm states and bear witness to each others’ insights and experiences.

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Supervision Packages

We are also adding to existing Supervision options with Senior Teachers.  Supervision offers a particular means of safeguarding you and your participants in teaching as you continue on your pathway as a mindfulness teacher.  In line with international standards, individual supervision with a senior certified teacher is required to achieve our Qualified and Certified awards.  Choose from the following to meet you needs as they change and grow: 

  • Individual Supervision & Mentoring: Tailored supervision of teaching and mentoring of personal practice and inquiry.  
  • Group Supervision & Mentoring*:  Closed Groups, Monthly 2 hour sessions; Personal Practice & Inquiry; Teaching Practice Questions & Reflections. 


  • MBSR Skill-Building Package*: Teaching your first MBSRs. This package is offered to meet the requirements of the Mindful Academy Solterreno Certification Pathway.  It is particularly useful for those teaching their first 3 MBSR courses with 9 hours of supervision in a combination of 4 x 45 minute individual supervision and 4 x 90 minute group supervision. It is deliberately low cost to support beginning teachers. 


*Minimum of 4 participants required for each group. 



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Overall feedback

As always it was a beautiful and incredibly rich experience. I have learnt so much for my own practice and also my understanding for teaching feels enhanced. As always there were challenges but I felt held and supported the whole way through. It was always clear what was…

Silent Online Retreat, May 2021


TT1 April 2021

I absolutely loved this course. The trainers really embodied mindfulness and I felt very inspired by them. The course content was very well-prepared and well-delivered. What I loved most was to learn how to teach without teaching! Just gently guiding the…

TT2 ONLINE, Jan to March 2021, 9-weeks

If you're wanting to learn more about mindfulness and using such a powerful tool then don't hesitate to join the TT1 course. The course is experiential, no long lectures to sit through. Each day you get the chance to practise leading a meditation with kind, constructive feedback in a supportive…

TT1 ONLINE, November 2020

If you're wanting to learn more about mindfulness and using such a powerful tool then don't hesitate to join the TT1 course. The course is experiential, no long lectures to sit through. Each day you get the chance to practise leading a meditation with kind, constructive feedback in a supportive…

My experience was eye-opening, transformative and fun. In between laughing and crying I discovered so so much about myself. I can only say thank you and that I think this is one course I would not mind repeating, for myself at some point in the future and I am sure then I will again discover yet…

TT1 Online, October 2020


Truly a transformational course which leads you to be reborn, rediscover yourself, and changes your life forever!!! Bodhin and Sheena are the best ever coaches for MBSR. Their in-depth knowledge, warmth and empathy set a very conducive environment to learn and grow into more intuitive…

TT1 online October 2020 

Overall feedback

Great. My intention was to deepen my own practice as well as to take initial steps in learning how to pass on the possibility of the gift of mindfulness to others, and both of those intentions were met.

MBSR Teacher Training TT1 course October 2020 

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