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Alex, TTR1 graduate

The mindfulness teacher training at Solterreno exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere is very supportive, created by the caring nature of Bodhin and the retreat team, which in turn leads to a strong connection within the group. The course has a good level of focus on hands on practice with peer/ instructor feedback to facilitate learning. I was a bit nervous on my first attempt at leading a meditation but left feeling confident and excited to start delivering mindfulness meditations in my local area. The teaching is high quality and you can see that the course has been carefully created with the participants in mind. I finished each day feeling like I had learnt a lot. Combined with the excellent home made food, peaceful location and supportive retreat team ... I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Solterreno to train to be a mindfulness teacher. 

Testimonial from Kim, TTR2

No matter what your life experience before coming to learn to be a certified MBSR teacher, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be absorbed throughout the training course. Long time Mindfulness and meditation practitioners are just as likely to walk away with a better understanding of the 8 week program and themselves as a relative beginner. This program offers outstanding value for money. The care, thought, planning, embodiment and professionalism is felt throughout the 200h's. You are outstanding teachers, and you also show that you are human.

You have alleviated many of my doubts that I had coming into TTR2. I felt supported, as if some of my most pressing and some practical questions were clarified. I feel as if I can go now and teach with more grace and compassion for others, and myself.

Testimonial Chris TTR1

I have attended many training sessions in both my professional and personal life – ranging from business training courses to self-development courses and I’ve also attained multiple certificates in the world of Restorative and Hatha Yoga. I can, without a doubt, and with complete integrity, say that the TTR1 100 hour Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course at Mindful Academy Solterreno has been my favourite – it is very intensive yet completely enjoyable.

The way that the MBSR foundation is taught with an accompanying handbook with all the lecture notes helps to really get deep and be present in what Bodhin and Kathy are teaching us. The way the hands on practice is integrated with the theory and supporting science is perfect.

The setting for the training and the way our entire group “connected as a whole” over the retreat really helped to solidify the power of this practice. I will be returning for TTR2 to take the foundation to the next level as soon as I am able. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting to do this. I felt very humbled by the entire experience, and I’m grateful for it.

Chris Hecimovich
Toronto, Canada

Testimonial Julia TTR2 November

TTR2 retreat experience – savouring!

Gratitude: Thankful for the excellent support and guidance given by our two teachers. For the balance of being and doing as the course unfolded. For the detail and scope of the course content. For the nurturing learning environment in which to share ideas, build skills and knowledge, cultivate confidence and courage. I feel enabled.

Learning: Opportunity to really explore my teaching strengths through teaching practice, identify areas for growth, take a few risks. A reminder that my own meditation practice informs my teaching from the inside out.

Accomplishment: Deeper and fuller understanding of the essence of MBSR and how to deliver it in a meaningful way.

Delight: In the co­journeying and the abundant laughter still ringing in my ears, the beauty of the surroundings, the cosiness of the centre in its magnificent mountain setting.TTR2 retreat experience – savouring!

Testimonial from Julia, TTR1 August

If you're looking for a comprehensive and well-thought course in an awe inspiring setting delivered by two people who most definitely walk their talk, then the Mindful Academy Solterreno is the place for you. Solterreno is a stunning setting that will nourish you whilst you study. Bodhin and team are educating and nurturing with warmth and professionalism. I can't recommend it highly enough and I'm excited to be on this journey with them

Testimonial from Mina, TTR2 July

It is an excellent training course: thorough, informative, plenty of opportunity to practice your skills and receive constructive feedback and delivered with the right balance of professionalism, compassion and attention to the development of students.

I chose to undertake my MBSR training with the Mindful Academy Solterreno after researching various options and I’ve been very happy with my choice!

Testimonial from Cheryl, TTR1 May

The time I spent in the MBSR teacher training course was truly life-changing!  Bodhin and team very skillfully opened up and held sacred space for our group, providing each of us with the room to grow internally while we learned the fundamentals of mindfulness. The course that Bodhin and team have created is beautifully balanced between time that is dedicated to intellectual-based knowledge, personal reflection time, and time that encouraged and reinforced the awakening of each person’s innate body-wisdom.  I left Solterrano feeling confident in my knowledge base, and in my ability to teach mindfulness-based meditation sessions.  And I realized that the time I spent in training had also allowed me to sink more deeply into the comforts of my own skin.  

Thank-you Bodhin ~ it was a true pleasure!

~Cheryl Bailey ~ author and artist:  www.healingthroughshame.com

Testimonial from Fiona, TTR1 April

This is the best course I have ever taken!

Focused, very professional and creating a safe learning enviroment. I have deepened my meditation practice and feel confident to share some of this with others.

From Fiona (training development consultant working with the European Union institution training and supervising workplace counsellors.)

Testimonial from Mark, TTR2 November

This course was enormously helpful for me professionally and personally. Bodhin and team are very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional instructors. They create a very safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to learn and grow. They provide developmental feedback in a very caring , yet direct and matter-of-fact way. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring Mindfulness Instructor.

Testimonial form Sheena, TTR2 November

Heartfully I recommend the course. The setting, the teachers, the participants, the experiences are equally varied and provide the necessary opertunities to experience mindfulness from the inside out. The feedback recieved embodies mindfulness, inspires my confidence as a teacher.

Testimonial from Mina, TTR1 September

Being in a group that was exceptionally well facilitated with compassion and a balance of imparted knowledge and room for practice / reflection was the most valuable part of the experience. I greatly appreciated the thoroughness of the programme, the amazing amount of preparation that had gone into preparing us for a great student experience. Bodhin and team left no stone unturned! The course exceeded my expectations (which were high already!)

Testimonial from Claire, TTR1 September

This is a superbly well designed and delivered course combining a thorough teaching of Mindfulness MBSR and its benefits along with teaching practicals and the opportunity to gain real personal insight through your own meditation practice. I really appreciated the practical assessments using scripts to allow us to experience guiding a meditation right from day one of the course. Overall the experience has been transformational.

Testimonial from Christine - TTR1 May

I liked the pace of the course. It is well organised with logical sequencing and developing progress. The right amount of time for discussion and questions. Availability of teachers for help or queries was on offer whenever needed. I really felt the teachers were fresh as if we were their first ever students even though they have taught this many times before. I felt inspired and supported. Both are patient with a good sense of humour.

Testimonial from Mark - TTR1 May

The TTR1 course was all I hoped for and more. The learning experiences were provided in a professional yet kind and compassionate way. Solterreno is a beutiful place to learn and share. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about and teach Mindfulness.

Testimonial from Susana - TTR1 May

With all the different Mindfulness programs out there, I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision when I signed up for the Mindfulness Academy Solterreno teacher training up  in the mountains of Spain.  Did I make the right choice for me?  Simply put, the education I received was amazing.  Kathy and Bodhin compliment each other, making a perfect team.  Their understanding of the material, their ability to teach it in a kind, compassionate way and their honest, clear, non-judgemental feedback deepened my overall experience.  Honestly speaking, the time at the Mindfulness Academy Solterreno has been one of the best educational and personal enriching experiences of my life. Much Gratitude.

Wishing you both a wonderful day,


Testimonial from Birgitte - TTR2 July

I can strongly recommend the MBSR Teacher Training Course by Mindful Academy Solterreno. I have learned all that I hoped for by Bodhin and Kathy and even more. They are a great teaching team and both of them truly embodies the essence of mindfulness. In addition I am very grateful for the extensive paperwork that I can take home from the course, i.e. manual, participants handbook, lesson plan and scripts. It is an invaluable “toolbox”.

Testimonial from Randell S, TTR1 June

"This course is highly recommended to anyone wishing to both deepen their own practice and prepare to teach others Mindfulness. The knowledge and teaching experience of the teachers is highly inspiring and enriching. The course fuses clear and structured teaching with informal group dialogue and ample opportunity for practice. I really appreciated the obvious preparation put into the course by the teachers and the beautiful setting at Solterreno Retreat Centre. My stay was a personal inspiration and renewal"

M.D. at a Holistic Clinic in Norway

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