Supervision and Mentoring, Online

Principles and definition of Supervision and Mentoring with
Mindful Academy Solterreno

A regular space that is contracted between Supervisor and Supervisee that enables them to reflect together on the Supervisee's Mindfulness practice and explore how it impacts and integrates with their work and life. This process is dedicated to developing and deepening the growth, understanding and effectiveness of the Supervisee's application of Mindfulness, both professionally and in their working life”

On-going mindfulness supervision is an important part of the good practice requirements for teachers of mindfulness-based classes, workshops and courses. It can provide you with an invaluable opportunity to reflect upon and inquire about your mindfulness teaching and practice. This may include 'live' teaching practice and feedback, inquiry around issues arising in your teaching, and/or discussion based on videoed sessions. It may also focus upon your personal mindfulness practice including Mindful Movement and how it impacts on your work. Unlike other experiences of supervision that you may have had, though, what is unique to mindfulness supervision is that the session itself is imbued with mindfulness in terms of practice, embodied presence and compassion.

The sessions are very much a collaborative process. The intention is to create an alliance between you and your supervisor that will foster an open and creative exploration of your personal practice and how it might interweave with your teaching and mindfulness in work. Mindfulness Supervision is complex and we take the role very seriously, all the MAS team are now trained MBSR Supervisors with the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research CMRP, Bangor University in England. 

Our qualified MBSR Supervisors



Available for Supervision in
English and Spanish

Sheena Burke

Available for Supervision in English

Claire Griffin

Available for Supervision in

Jackie Albert

Available for Supervision in
English and Spanish

Tuire Schoonen

Available for Supervision in
English, Finish

Helen Grain

Available for Supervision in
English, Spanish


Jazz Zhassulan Abishev

Available for Supervision in
English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh


Your Supervisor has a range of roles and functions, including:

  • Offering Supervision as a component of the Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines, including the recommended one-year training pathway.

Acting as guide and mentor to the Supervisee's personal Meditation and Mindful Movement practice in terms of:

  • The ongoing development and deepening of personal practice.
  • Supporting the way this interfaces with Mindfulness teaching or one-to-one work and everyday life.

Supporting the Supervisee's Teaching Skills to:

  • Mindfully hold and balance the supportive, educational and ethical strands of Supervision.
  • Specifics of what teaching skills are explored during supervision vary depending on the stage of the supervisee’s development. The MBI-TAC explores all the skills in great details.
  • Bring the Inquiry process into the exploration of the Supervisee's experience both personally and professionally.
  • Receiving periodic feedback on teaching through video recordings, supervisor sitting in on teaching sessions or co-teaching with reciprocal feedback.

Supporting the Supervisee's understanding of the Theory and Understanding of teaching Mindfulness:

  • Supporting the Supervisees during the preparation and delivery of the 8 Week MBSR Course. The Mindfulness Best Practice recommends that an inexperienced teacher has a minimum of three hours of supervision over the period of an eight-week course. For those requiring more support, we also offer an 8-hour Supervision package at a discounted rate.
  • Defining, drawing out and supporting the integration of Mindfulness in the Supervisee's professional role.
  • Holding the paradox of non-striving, non-fixing in secular, results-oriented contexts.
  • Being clear about clinical and non-clinical responsibilities. Please note Mindful Academy limits advice and guidance to non-clinical areas of Mindfulness content and process.

Supporting the Supervisees with Contexts:

  • Application context: 
  • A clear understanding and knowledge of the specific client or group to which the supervisee is delivering the mindfulness-based programme and the expertise necessary for that specific application, such as MBSR, MBCT, cancer, children, addictions etc. 
  • Organizational context:
  • Clarity around the impact of the organisation in which the supervisee works, e.g. prisons, NHS, businesses, schools, etc. The context may impact on the choice of curriculum, on what is possible in terms of course structure and what support is available for the mindfulness-based teacher.

Supporting the Supervisees with Group and Individual Processes:

  • An understanding of the learning and developmental process of both individuals and groups, bringing clarity to stages of developments in the supervisee as well as in their participants, and the group dynamics as it relates to the teaching process and the issues that come up in a class.
  • Supporting the Supervisee's during the 8 Week MBSR course/workshops etc in regard to the participants and the group.

Supervision and Mentoring sessions are available by Skype, Zoom or telephone with both Bodhin and the team of Trainers and generally last 30-minutes or one hour. They can occur at intervals (i.e. weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, ad-hoc etc.) to suit your requirements. 



Individual Supervision & Mentoring

Format: 1-2-1 - 30 or 60 minutes by request

Focus: Tailored supervision of teaching and mentoring of personal practice and inquiry

Fee: 30mins €35 - 60mns €50 - 8hr Package €350

Group Supervision & Mentoring:

Format: Closed Groups - Monthly 2-hour sessions - Minimum 4 people required

Focus: Personal Practice & Inquiry with Teaching Practice Questions & Reflections.

Fee: €180 per person (4 sessions)

Combined Individual & Group: MBSR Skill-Building Package when Teaching your first MBSR's.

Format: 9 hours of supervision in a combination of 4 x 45-minute individual supervision and 4 x 90-minute group supervision. Low cost to support beginning teachers.

Focus: This package is offered to meet the requirements of the Mindful Academy Solterreno Certification Pathway. It is particularly useful for those teaching their first 3 MBSR courses or classes, offering individually tailored sessions and group sessions with peers and senior teachers.

Fee:  €270 per person (minimum 4 required per group).


Please download the application form to contract your Supervision sessions. Once agreed, payment for all sessions is then in advance and cancellations are only possible if notification is sent by email one week in advance, in which case the payment can be moved to a new date. Payments for sessions not attended cannot be moved or refunded.  If your session runs over time (subject to availability of the Supervisor) then additional costs apply.

download the application form


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