Teacher Training Steps

To train as an MBSR Teacher:-

  • Attend the residential Foundation Level 1 MBSR in Solterreno Retreat Centre
  • Start Teaching Introduction workshops and the MBSR core practices
  • Attend the residential Advanced Level 2 MBSR in Solterreno Retreat Centre
  • Start Teaching the 8-week MBSR course with Online-Supervision
  • Become a Qualified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher
  • Then as an MBSR Teacher you have access to further development
  • Attend the residential Advanced Level 3 MBSR in Solterreno Retreat Centre
  • Become a Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher

MAS Badges

This is referred to as the Teacher Training Steps, More details below

At Mindful Academy Solterreno, we strongly adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines in our training programmes and Teacher Training Pathway.

The Steps to become a MBSR Teacher with Mindful Academy Solterreno:


Be a minimum of 25 years old

Have 1 year of meditation experience a minimum of 5 times per week (not necessarily Mindfulness) 

Attend a LIVE 8-week MBSR course as a participant 
Either - In your home location with a qualified Teacher 
OR Attend a 6 Day Intensive Residential MBSR course Retreat at Solterreno
OR Attend a LIVE ONLINE 8-week MBSR course with Mindful Academy Solterreno


Step 1. Attend the MBSR TT1

TT1Complete the required Pre-course Study (sent to you on booking)

Attend the residential level 1 in Solterreno Retreat Centre which Includes Mindful Movement and Inquiry teaching and teaching practice.

Then Practice Teaching the MBSR core practices including Mindful Movement to family, friends, in classes or workshops. 

Undertake ongoing Online-Supervision and development

MBSR Teacher In Training



Step 2. Attend the MBSR TT2

TT2Complete the required Pre-course Study (sent to you on booking)

Attend the residential level 2 Advanced MBSR Teacher Training course. 

Then Start Teaching the MBSR 8 week course with Online-Supervision.

Deepen your personal practice by for example attending a 5-7 day Silent retreat as a participant.


Step 3. Become a Qualified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher:  

This Qualified MBSR Teacher certificate will be awarded upon:

Online-Supervised Teaching of an live 8-week course

Submission of Reflective Journal of 2,500 words

Submission of Certificates of Level 1, Level 2 and 5-day Silent Retreat.


MBSR Teacher Qualified


Step 4. Become a Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher: 

Then, after teaching at least 3 full 8-week courses,
you may go on to become a Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher

TT3Attend the residential Advanced Level 3 MBSR in Solterreno Retreat Centre,

Supervision of a 2nd and 3rd 8-week MBSR course
(including video recordings) and

Attending a second 5-day Silent Retreat.

MBSR Teacher Certified

Application forms and booking -

If you would like to apply you can do so by filling in the online application form.

Apply TT1 Apply TT2 Apply TT3


More info TT1 More info TT2 More info TT3


Any questions to submissions@mbsr.website

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It was such a rich and very well structured program. I was a little concerned about a week-long Online program however it met my expectations far better.

I really appreciated the way Bodhin our teacher approaches participants, very respectful and intimate also. And the way he…

TT1 Online, June 2020

I have been teaching mindfulness-based practices for 20 years, and have been running teacher training courses in Italy. I found that Bodhin and the staff at Solterreno are highly prepared and competent. I participated in TT1 and it was a really superb experience and I highly recommend it to…

TT1 Online, June 2020

MBSR TT1 has been the most experiential and active learning course for me. I feel this programme includes ancient wisdom in scientific format and highly recommend to anyone looking to teach MBSR. Bodhin is a very dedicated teacher and his presence was felt throughout.

TT1 Online, June 2020

The course was substantial on multiple levels. The instructors were excellent and performed in an exemplary way. Even if I decided not to teach, what I took from this course will benefit me and others for the rest of my life. However, this course has inspired me to continue the pursuit of…

Testimonial from the ONLINE TT1 course


The Retreat was a really unique combination of being within and without. I feel it like a wonderful co-journey and also like the opportunity to stop, turn inward, tune in, work with interest and enjoy a lot. The guidance of professional teachers provides…

from the ONLINE Silent retreat

Overall feedback

Overall really positive experience, especially considering the initial hesitation about doing it online.


Online Silent Retreat May 2020

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have attended the TT1 in March 2020 from Delhi (India) and even with the time difference (3.5 hours) the learnings and the week we spent altogether was amazing.

Bodhin and Sheena were spectaculars teachers leading us in all the material…

TT1 Online, March 2020

I attended the TT1 in March 2020, which was the first TT1 course online - due to the Coronavirus circumstances. I had my doubts about how we could lead the meditations online and be open within the group that I had not met in person before. 

The course started and all my doubts…

TT1 Online, March 2020

Bodhins videos