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Online Mindfulness coursesMBSR 8-Week LIVE Online courses

These are open to anyone and suitable for beginners.
The Live Online 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is run exactly the same way as an in-person course. Instead of travelling to an external location once a week however, we connect through the Zoom conference system.  The course is an opportunity for beginners to get their first experience of mindfulness and to establish their own daily practice or a great chance for more experienced mindfulness practitioners to refresh and deepen their practice.  It can be taken as a stand-alone course, or as preparation for a TT1 Foundation Course or TT2 Advanced course with us at Mindful Academy Solterreno.

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Mindfulness Teacher Training ONLINEMBSR Teacher Training LIVE Online courses

These are available if you:

  • Have attended as a participant an MBSR 8-week programme over 8 weeks (see above)
  • Have a well-established personal meditation practice (not necessarily Mindfulness Meditation) of 1 year and a minimum 5 times per week.

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    discovering mindfulness  


    I recently completed TT1 at Mindful Academy Solterreno. From the moment I started the course, I felt supported and encouraged. Bodhin led a well-paced and designed course and we were given the tools to maximize our learning both personally and professionally. The retreat center itself is run so…

    TT1 April 2023

    Testimonial As a very reflective person who likes to be in silent observation of the world, I must say that by the end of this retreat I have got to know a different silence - turning inward and actively listening to the reactions of my body, accompanied by thoughts and emotions…

    5-days silent retreat, Sept 2022


    TT3 is an amazing course. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to deepen their own mindfulness practice and develop their teaching skills.

    Training Staff feedback

    Bodhin and Sheena you are…

    TT3 June 2022

    3 words best describe your experience of this course

    belonging, kindness, deepening


    I recommend TT3 to anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge and skil ls for mindfulness teaching.

    There is ample opportunity provided to deepen your practice including a 2-day silent retreat at the beginning. The instruction is superlative. The sessions…

    TT3, June 2022

    I loved how the course was structured. I took TT1 in the intense format of 1 week and TT2 was instead spread over 2 months. I really enjoyed both formats and I felt that TT2 was ideal in this format, because I really had the time to absorb what I learnt in each session and had time to prepare.…

    What 3 words best describe your experience of this course

    community, support, learning

    TT2 Online, Oct 2021

    Fantastic course. The structure of each day was fantastic. The days were long but every activity or teaching session felt like it was not rushed, there was spaciousness and yet things didn't often overrun or feel crammed in. Perfect balance. The teachers were absolutely wonderful, grounding,…

    What 3 words best describe your experience of this course

    Grounding. Safe. Comprehensive

    TT1 8-day intensive 

    I would recommend this TT1 training course to anyone interested in doing the course. The material is well structured and laid out. It is taught experientially which aids in long term learning. The trainers are knowledgeable and impart their knowledge in showing rather than teaching at the…

    What 3 words best describe your experience of this course

    wonderful, insightful, formative

    TT1 Online August 2021 


    I have loved the course. Very intense in a way, but the safe environment and the sense of community that is created around my colleagues and the trainers is incredible and made me change the perspective of being. It brought me to an incredible space of love and kindness. I…

    TT1 online August 2021 

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