Mindfulness Teacher Training

MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training course with Mindful Academy Solterreno, At Solterreno Retreat Centre, a mountain Retreat Centre in Spain. 

A professional and accredited Residential Teacher Training Retreat in 2 modules, in English. Facilitated by Bodhin Phillip Woodward and Mindful Academy Solterreno Team

Teaching MBSR
      Small groups so we can get to know our students

Our accredited MBSR Teacher Training course focuses primarily on the teaching process and curriculum of the group based 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR Course, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre and also in the UK by the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research CMRP. 

This intensive, entry-level, mindfulness-based teacher training has been developed, refined and delivered since 2012 and teachers from all over the world choose to attend this programme.

As a professional Teacher Training School, we support the Good Practice Guidelines for teaching Mindfulness-based courses and we assess students using the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC).

The MBSR Teacher Training course is taught by Bodhin Phillip Woodward, Director of Training, Senior International Mindfulness MBSR/MBCT Teacher, Breathworks Meditation Teacher and Senior Yoga Teacher who meets the requirements of the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of Mindfulness-based Teachers published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers. He has been practising mindfulness since 1985 and since 2005 has taught the classic 8-week course over 100 times. And has trained more than 200 Mindfulness Teachers.  

To assist Bodhin on the course we have put together a dedicated team of experienced International Mindfulness MBSR Meditation Teachers - all of whom have graduated from the Mindful Academy - to support your Mindfulness teacher training.

Our course has been set out to exceed the industry Good Practice Guidelines and Teacher Training Pathway requirements. Each of the two modules is 10 days residential with 100 contact hours, which along with the pre and post course materials bring the total hours of preparation to more than 300 hours. We believe that the best way to train teachers is by allowing them to gain initial practical experience of teaching Mindfulness in a safe space supported by peers and experienced course leaders. This course offers you more experiential teaching practice than many other Mindfulness Teacher Training courses.

Our aim and objective with the Foundation Level 1 course is to support your teaching development so that you have the skills and confidence to teach the foundation MBSR practices, to gain an understanding of the history of MBSR as well as many different subjects including research and changes to the brain due to a meditation practice. Our Mindfulness Teacher Training courses include in-depth Teacher Training plus Mindful Movement, Inquiry and pre/post course support, all included in the price.

Learning outcomes: On successful completion of the training, trainees should be able to:

  •  Understand the theoretical foundations of MBSR and the evidence in support of its effectiveness
  • Describe the MBSR curriculum and understand the reasons for the inclusion of its different elements
  • Conduct thorough MBSR pre-course assessments and orientation sessions
  • Have the necessary skills to lead mindfulness meditation practices and support participants in learning and developing their own practice
  • Be able to teach all aspects of the MBSR 8 week course and support participants to develop their own learning journey
  • Teach MBSR within a diverse range of cultural settings
  • Be knowledgeable about safeguarding and potential risk issues and be able to manage these issues as they come up in their own experience of teaching the course
  • Be cognisant of and adherent to the ethical framework of MBSR teaching
  • Sustain a regular personal practice and use their experience of this practice to inform their teaching and their embodiment of the Attitudes of Mindfulness
  • Reflect on their own learning and development needs, self-evaluate, engage regularly with supervision and set goals for ongoing Continuous Professional Development
        Meditation Room

Our Teacher Training starts from the premise that as teachers we need to embody mindfulness-based practice in our own lives before we can attempt to teach it to others. The programme facilitates an opportunity for sustained inner work through practice and learning alongside your peers. It is designed to be a collaborative and participatory learning experience.

The training primarily focuses on the teaching process and curriculum of the group-based, eight-week mindfulness-based programme (MBSR). However, the underpinning experience and understanding is also valuable for those who wish to integrate mindfulness into individual therapeutic work or teach mindfulness in a different form.

Small groups with a maximum of 12 students provide for a safe learning environment and individual attention, we specialise in training small groups, preferring a small intimate apprenticeship process. The MBSR Teacher Training courses are ideal for Meditation practitioners, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, Nurses, Teachers, Therapists, Doctors and other professionals with a mind-body focus who wish to incorporate mindfulness into their professions.

The MBSR Teacher Training course is taken in 2 residential retreat modules and on graduation of the full 200hr course, you will have the skills and confidence to teach Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR classes, MBSR 8 week Stress Reduction courses and private MBSR classes that empower people to make a real difference to their lives. The course can also be taken as a 100hr Continued Professional Development (CPD) also know as Continued Education Units (CEU) You do not need to make any decisions at the time of booking as the courses are booked and paid for separately. 

The Mindful Academy Solterreno course is registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals. This ensures that you are taking a quality course that has been checked and accredited by an outside training organisation. So we are an Accredited Training Provider with the Internationally accepted Yoga Alliance Professionals, and the MBSR course is an accredited 200hr course. It also means, on successful graduation of both courses, you can register if you wish (at your own cost) with the Yoga Alliance Professionals and your name, profile and business details will be added to their website.

Our Qualification

The Teacher Training Pathway

Here is a 5min video of 3 of our graduates talking about their experience of the Training:-

And here is an interview with Bodhin, Director of Training, at the International Summit for Mindfulness and Compassion at Work, Madrid 2018

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Friday, May 25, 2018 - 19:30

Welcome to our new Mindfulness TT1 graduates; Cornelia Baumann, Balogh Otto, Maja Csintalan, Dorota Stoińska, Adriana Orellana de Rickebusch, Małgorzata Szczepanska and Carla Kuhn.

A lovely International group from UK, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, and Chile

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 19:28


As someone who has worked in education in the UK for over 20 years I was very impressed with the way this course was delivered. 

It was a fantastic course run by exceptionally skilled, caring and humorous leaders in a stunning setting in Spain. 

Delicious food was provided with…

Graduate TTR1 

The love and care and nurture that has gone into the development of this Centre are very evident in everything right from the teaching to the most practical aspects of living and food arrangements. there is an embodiment of the Mindfulness-Based practices throughout the course.

Thank you…


I took TTR1 in Solterreno last May and I am so glad I did. The description on the website is in line with the actual course and it gives you a concrete overall idea of the MBSR program.

We went through both the content of each of the 8 MBSR sessions and to the competences to work on to…

Graduate TTR1

I would definitely recommend the MBSR teacher training at Solterreno. The course was very professionally delivered by both of the trainers. The program of the input sessions was sensibly structured giving the participants just the right amount of knowledge and providing them with lots of…


The mindfulness teacher training at Solterreno exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere is very supportive, created by the caring nature of Bodhin and the retreat team, which in turn leads to a strong connection within the group. The course has a good level of focus on hands on practice with…

Graduate TTR1

I have attended many training sessions in both my professional and personal life – ranging from business training courses to self-development courses and I’ve also attained multiple certificates in the world of Restorative and Hatha Yoga. I can, without a doubt, and with complete integrity,…

Graduate from Toronto, Canada

This course was enormously helpful for me professionally and personally. Bodhin and team are very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional instructors. They create a very safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to learn and grow. They provide developmental feedback in a very caring , yet…


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