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Train to Teach Mindfulness

MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training course with Mindful Academy Solterreno

At Solterreno Retreat Centre, a mountain Retreat Centre in Spain.

A professional and accredited Residential Teacher Training Retreat in 2 modules, in English.

Facilitated by Bodhin Phillip Woodward and team

Becoming a MBSR Teacher with Mindful Academy Solterreno, Our Approach –

Mindfulness Teacher Training group work

Our accredited MBSR Teacher Training course focuses primarily on the teaching process and curriculum of the group based 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction MBSR Course, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre and also by the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research CMRP

As a professional Teacher Training School we also support the Good Practice Guidelines for teaching Mindfulness-based courses and we assess students using the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC).  We have been training teachers since 2012 and our Mindfulness Teacher Training courses include indepth training plus Mindful Movement, Inquiry and pre/post course support, included in the price. 

The MBSR Teacher Training course is taught by Bodhin Phillip Woodward, Director of Training, Senior International Mindfulness MBSR/MBCT Teacher, Breathworks Meditation Teacher and Senior Yoga Teacher who meets the requirements of the Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers of Mindfulness-based Teachers published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers. He has been practicing mindfulness since 1985 and since 2005 has taught the classic 8 week course over 90 times.

Our course has been set out to exceed the industry Good Practice Guidelines and Teacher Training Pathway requirements Each module has 100hrs of contact with Bodhin our senior MBSR Teacher Trainer and our aim and objective with the Foundation Level 1 course course is to support your teaching development so that you have the skills and confidence to teach the foundation MBSR practices, to gain an understanding of the history of MBSR as well as many different subjects including research and changes to the brain due to a meditation practice. This journey will also deepen your own practice and includes substantial practice of Inquiry and Inquiry style guiding. This intensive mindfulness-based teacher training has been developed, refined and delivered since 2012.

Mindfulness Teacher Training group work

Small groups with a maximum of 12 students provide for safe learning enviroment and individual attention, we specialise in training small groups, preferring small, intimate and thorough. The MBSR Teacher Training courses is ideal for Meditation practitioners, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, Nurses, Teachers, Therapists, Doctors and other professionals with a mind-body focus who wish to incorporate mindfulness into their professions. 

The MBSR Teacher Training course is taken in 2 residential retreat modules and on graduation of the full 200hr course you will be have the skills and confidence to teach Mindfulness based Stress Reduction MBSR classes, MBSR 8 week Stress Reduction courses and private MBSR classes that empower people to make a real difference to their lives. The course can also be taken as a 100hr Continued Professional Development (CPD) also know as Continued Education Units (CEU) You do not need to make any decisions at the time of booking as the courses are booked and paid for seperately. 

The Mindful Academy Solterreno course is registered with the Yoga Alliance Professionals. This ensures that you are taking a quality course that has been checked and accredited by an outside training organisation. So we are an Accredited Training Provider with the Internationally accepted Yoga Alliance Professionals, and the MBSR course is an accredited 200hr course. It also means, on successful graduation of both courses, you can register if you wish (at your own cost) with the Yoga Alliance Professionals and your name, profile and business details will be added to their website.

We also adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines and assess students using the Mindfulness-based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC)

Ongoing Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses are available including MBSR Retreats and Silent Mindfulness Retreats.

Here is a 5min video of 3 of our graduates talking about their experience of the Training:-

Mindfulness Teacher Training group work

The MBSR curriculum –

We at Mindful Academy provide a certified professional training program to become an MBSR Mindfulness Teacher following the MBSR curriculum as defined by UMass CFM in this document: https://www.umassmed.edu/globalassets/center-for-mindfulness/documents/mbsr-curriculum-guide-2017.pdf

The Two Modules includes extensive practice and training on how to teach all aspects of MBSR Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Meditation, giving you the skills and confidence to teach both MBSR Meditation core practices including Mindful Movement and Inquiry. 

Foundation Level 1 course retreat (TT1) the focus of this foundation course is to deepen your personal practice and learn how to teach the MBSR Meditation core practices. We will explore the theories and intentions of the Inquiry process as a core element of MBSR and MBCT and also practice Inquiry in small groups. In a safe and nurturing environment we will assist you in cultivating your skills and you will receive feedback from Bodhin and team to support your development.

Advanced Level 2 course retreat (TT2) you will both deepen your own practice and learn specifically how to teach all elements of the 2.5hr MBSR weekly sessions of the Mindful Academy Solterreno 8 week MBSR Meditation course using the provided 8 week MBSR lesson plans and MBSR Participant Handbook. You will also deepen your Inquiry skills and practice relating to the theme and learning focus of each session. On graduation we give you permission to print the MBSR Participant Handbook for your own business use. During this module you will also receive formal assessment and feedback on your teaching from Bodhin.

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Mindfulness Teacher Training group work

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Chris Hecimovich, Toronto, Canada

I have attended many training sessions in both my professional and personal life – ranging from business training courses to self-development courses and I’ve also attained multiple certificates in the world of Restorative and Hatha Yoga. I can, without a doubt, and with complete integrity, say that the TT1 100 hour Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course at Mindful Academy has been my favourite – it is very intensive yet completely enjoyable.

The way that the MBSR foundation is taught with an accompanying handbook with all the lecture notes helps to really get deep and be present in what Bodhin and Kathy are teaching us. The way the hands on practice is integrated with the theory and supporting science is perfect. Bodhin and team are very genuine and knowledgeable in their approach to the practice.

The setting for the training and the way our entire group “connected as a whole” over the retreat really helped to solidify the power of this practice. I will be returning for TT2 to take the foundation to the next level as soon as I am able. I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting to do this. I felt very humbled by the entire experience, and I’m grateful for it.

Mark Johnson 

This course was enormously helpful for me professionally and personally. Bodhin and team are very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional instructors. They create a very safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to learn and grow. They provide developmental feedback in a very caring , yet direct and matter-of-fact way. I highly recommend this course to any aspiring Mindfulness Instructor.

Testimonial from Randell S 
M.D. at a Holistic Clinic in Norway

This course is highly recommended to anyone wishing to both deepen their own practice and prepare to teach others Mindfulness. The knowledge and teaching experience of the teachers is highly inspiring and enriching. The course fuses clear and structured teaching with informal group dialogue and ample opportunity for practice. I really appreciated the obvious preparation put into the course by the teachers and the beautiful setting at Solterreno Retreat Centre. My stay was a personal inspiration and renewal.

Testimonial from Christine 

I liked the pace of the course. It is well organised with logical sequencing and developing progress. The right amount of time for discussion and questions. Availability of teachers for help or queries was on offer whenever needed. I really felt the teachers were fresh as if we were their first ever students even though they have taught this many times before. I felt inspired and supported. Both are patient with a good sense of humour.

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mindful academy TTR1 June 2017 with certs


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