Is it possible to get listed on with your MBSR Teacher Accreditation certificate?

Yes it is possible to apply for listing on the Mindfulness Teachers UK with our TT1 and TT2. Their guidelines state that you do not need to have trained with a UK Network organisation but you will need to demonstrate that your training meets the requirements of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) which our training pathway does. 

You would also need to show that you have covered the elements laid out in the Mindfulness Teachers UK FAQ's for the GPGs about a training pathway over a 12 month period. This can take the form of a portfolio of training such as TT1 and TT2, any Continued Professional Development CPD courses you have taken and of course Mindfulness Supervision.

Your application would then be reviewed by a Mindfulness Teachers UK designated person which is outside of our control, however, after graduation, we would work with you to ensure that your application demonstrates fully how your teacher training and ongoing teaching practice meets the GPGs (and the GPG FAQs). It is also my understanding that you would need to have taught 2 x 8-week MBSR courses with Supervision before you can apply. 

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Overall feedback

Overall really positive experience, especially considering the initial hesitation about doing it online.


Online Silent Retreat May 2020

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have attended the TT1 in March 2020 from Delhi (India) and even with the time difference (3.5 hours) the learnings and the week we spent altogether was amazing.

Bodhin and Sheena were spectaculars teachers leading us in all the material…

TT1 Online, March 2020

I attended the TT1 in March 2020, which was the first TT1 course online - due to the Coronavirus circumstances. I had my doubts about how we could lead the meditations online and be open within the group that I had not met in person before. 

The course started and all my doubts…

TT1 Online, March 2020

Elise testimonial

Hear from Elise who has just finished the ONLINE version of the MBSR Teacher Training course, first level, TT1.

The excellent initial teacher training that I received at Solterreno in 2014 allowed me to take my first steps on my teaching pathway. The certificate, proof on paper that I could deliver the MBSR curriculum and be a "good enough" teacher. 

for me, this TT3 step came at just the right time.

Since training at Solterreno I have begun teaching the MBSR course in my local area and I have been accepted onto the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. This shows that my training at Solterreno and ongoing supervision meets the UK Good Practice Guidelines for…


UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations

"The Mindful Academy Solterreno institution gave me outstanding Teacher Training, with all the materials and supervision to teach the MBSR program. After teaching my first MBSR program in Switzerland, I was able to become a member of the Swiss MBSR Association which implies that my MBSR courses…

Mindful Academy Solterreno Qualified Mindfulness Teacher

Member of the Swiss MBSR Association

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