Consuela Sabie

I am a passionate Mindfulness Teacher, accredited with Mindful Academy Solterreno, Health Coach and entrepreneur in the wellbeing field with an experience of over 12 years.

In the present I teach MBSR® programs, facilitating mindfulness workshops for people, companies and in school projects. Also providing 1 to 1 sessions.
My professional journey officially started in 2004, when graduating in economics studies. After a period of searches, I chose to start a business in the beauty industry, in Bucharest, Romania, combining knowledge with the desire of making people feel better by looking good. This business brought me a lot of satisfaction and challenges along the way. It helped me grow as a being and I feel grateful for that. When I opened myself more to the people that I interacted with, I realised that besides the exterior beauty, the clients have other issues too, regarding the inner self. It is not enough to look beautiful if you don`t feel beautiful inside.
I always wanted to know more about people, human relations and human nature.
As the years passed by, the desire for deepening knowledge in this area grew stronger. And I went further, choosing to explore the inner beauty this time.

What it started a few years ago as a passion, it became a lifestyle and last, but not least, a profession in mindfulness, as an MBSR®  Teacher. It brings me great joy, a fulfilment sensation when I see people being more aware of themselves, happier and living their lives with passion. Like every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity.

Carpe Diem

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My experience was eye-opening, transformative and fun. In between laughing and crying I discovered so so much about myself. I can only say thank you and that I think this is one course I would not mind repeating, for myself at some point in the future and I am sure then I will again discover yet…

TT1 Online, October 2020


Truly a transformational course which leads you to be reborn, rediscover yourself, and changes your life forever!!! Bodhin and Sheena are the best ever coaches for MBSR. Their in-depth knowledge, warmth and empathy set a very conducive environment to learn and grow into more intuitive…

TT1 online October 2020 

Overall feedback

Great. My intention was to deepen my own practice as well as to take initial steps in learning how to pass on the possibility of the gift of mindfulness to others, and both of those intentions were met.

MBSR Teacher Training TT1 course October 2020 

Overall feedback
There are not enough words of gratitude for such a life changing 5 days. Even when I was frustrated, I reveled in the experience. When I realized through your presentations and discussions that I alone caused my suffering with my overthinking, overplanning…

Silent retreat; What 3 words best describe your experience of this course
Grateful, Grounded, Supported

Overall, my experience was moving and intense. The training was incredibly insightful, collaborative and really well guided. I felt supported throughout the programme, with plenty of opportunity for reflection, questioning, exploring, practising and teaching. It was a great balance between…

TT1 online August 2020 

Spent an excellent week with Bodhin and Helen and participants from all around Europe. It was a learning experience, not just about teaching mindfulness, but also about myself. Particularly enjoyed meeting the other participants, all with their own journey and their own story. It was an…

TT1 online August 2020 

I participated in the online TT1 course in August 2020. I benefited greatly from this course and am very pleased that I chose the Mindful Academy at Solterreno for my teacher training. The teachers were highly experienced and knowledgeable, and truly embodied the principles of mindfulness. The…

TT1 online August 2020

Overall feedback, Really excellent.

I loved every single aspect and moment of the course. It offered in depth training on all the core practices of the MBSR, the full experience of MBSR as a student and as a teacher, unique and essential insights that can only be offered by the most experienced mindfulness teachers, as well as an…

TT1 online August 2020 

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