Maria Botanska

Mária is a Mindfulness Teacher accredited with Mindful Academy Solterreno, accredited lecturer for adults training and development, member of Slovak Association of Lecturers and founder of Academy of Positive Life in Slovakia.

I have been working for 15 years as a manager in consumers ‘survey industry and I led more than 50 focus groups discussions within qualitative research. This work has taught me how to look at people and their life stories through their eyes.

I began my personal development journey 14 years ago. For many years I have been studying the DFS technique (Differentiated Functional States of Being), the author of which is Igor Nikolayevich Kalinauskas, a Russian professor of philosophy and psychology. The main idea of DFS technique is to live one´s life from inside. I have also attended many other courses of personal development, The Journey by  Brandon Bays and the course of meditation and mindfulness techniques in Sri Lanka.

I have changed my perception of life during recent years. I have been happily married for nearly 30 years and my family and three children are great support. I enjoy every single day of my life.

I have been attracted by Mindfulness MBSR and its 8 attitudes as they are so much aligned with my own life. Meditation, calmness and the “me time“ have become my daily ritual and remedy for today´s hectic life.

I am very pleased that as a Mindfulness Teacher I am able to bring Mindfulness to people in Slovakia (together with my colleague Kvetoslava Sarvašová) and help them live a better and fuller life. We founded Mindfulness MBSR Slovakia.

Within Mindfulness MBSR we also co-operate with Palouse Mindfulness school from the USA and
together we bring both Mindfulness articles and videos to Slovak people in the Slovak language.


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Overall feedback

I loved every single aspect and moment of the course. It offered in depth training on all the core practices of the MBSR, the full experience of MBSR as a student and as a teacher, unique and essential insights that can only be offered by the most experienced mindfulness…

TT1 online August 2020 

As with TT1, it was amazing to observe the week unfold. The experience was multidimensional, allowing for my personal growth by looking inward and outward with the others in the group. I was impressed with the sense of connection and community that was co-created during week, especially as it…

From the TT2 Online in July 2020

It was such a rich and very well structured program. I was a little concerned about a week-long Online program however it met my expectations far better.

I really appreciated the way Bodhin our teacher approaches participants, very respectful and intimate also. And the way he…

TT1 Online, June 2020

I have been teaching mindfulness-based practices for 20 years, and have been running teacher training courses in Italy. I found that Bodhin and the staff at Solterreno are highly prepared and competent. I participated in TT1 and it was a really superb experience and I highly recommend it to…

TT1 Online, June 2020

MBSR TT1 has been the most experiential and active learning course for me. I feel this programme includes ancient wisdom in scientific format and highly recommend to anyone looking to teach MBSR. Bodhin is a very dedicated teacher and his presence was felt throughout.

TT1 Online, June 2020

The course was substantial on multiple levels. The instructors were excellent and performed in an exemplary way. Even if I decided not to teach, what I took from this course will benefit me and others for the rest of my life. However, this course has inspired me to continue the pursuit of…

Testimonial from the ONLINE TT1 course


The Retreat was a really unique combination of being within and without. I feel it like a wonderful co-journey and also like the opportunity to stop, turn inward, tune in, work with interest and enjoy a lot. The guidance of professional teachers provides…

from the ONLINE Silent retreat

Overall feedback

Overall really positive experience, especially considering the initial hesitation about doing it online.


Online Silent Retreat May 2020

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