Q. Does your MBSR Teacher Training programme comply with the minimum duration of 12 months.

Mindful Academy follow the Mindfulness Best Practice guidelines which state that teachers of MBSR should have - 'completion of an in-depth, rigorous mindfulness-based teacher training programme or supervised pathway over a minimum duration of 12 months.' 

The 12 month pathway includes the pre course study which is sent to you when you have been accepted and secured your space, completion of the MBSR Foundation Teacher Training TTR1 course and the MBSR Advanced Teacher Training TTR2 course. The pathway also includes supervision and mentoring. Every students needs are different which is why the Best Practice are guidelines and not fixed rules. The guidelines are there so that each student achieves the required standards of competence and the confidence to deliver the mindfulness MBSR core practices and 8 Week MBSR course over a period of time to suit their existing skills and MBSR Teaching development.

To assist this development, during both the MBSR Foundation Teacher Training TTR1 course and MBSR Advanced Teacher Training TTR2 course we individually assess each student using the Mindfulness based teaching assessment criteria (MBI-TAC) and discuss their next steps and ongoing teaching development including supervision and mentoring. In the case of the MBSR Foundation Teacher Training TTR1 course this discussion would include what development is required before being accepted on the Advanced course. 

For more details on the Mindful Academy Teacher Training Pathway please visit: Our Training Pathways

For more details on Supervision please visit our website: Mindful Academy supervision

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As someone who has worked in education in the UK for over 20 years I was very impressed with the way this course was delivered. 

It was a fantastic course run by exceptionally skilled, caring and humorous leaders in a stunning setting in Spain. 

Delicious food was provided with…


< My journey of Mindfulness >

When I was introduced to the concept of Mindfulness in 2009, I attended the 
8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR), which gave me valuable insight into my own ‘patterns’ and ‘autopilot’. As an ambitious mother, I was struggling…


The love and care and nurture that has gone into the development of this Centre are very evident in everything right from the teaching to the most practical aspects of living and food arrangements. there is an embodiment of the Mindfulness-Based practices throughout the course.

Thank you…


I took Level 1 in Solterreno last May and I am so glad I did. The description on the website is in line with the actual course and it gives you a concrete overall idea of the MBSR program.

We went through both the content of each of the 8 MBSR sessions and to the competences to work on…


I would definitely recommend the MBSR teacher training at Solterreno. The course was very professionally delivered by both of the trainers. The program of the input sessions was sensibly structured giving the participants just the right amount of knowledge and providing them with lots of…


The mindfulness teacher training at Solterreno exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere is very supportive, created by the caring nature of Bodhin and the retreat team, which in turn leads to a strong connection within the group. The course has a good level of focus on hands-on practice with…


I have attended many training sessions in both my professional and personal life – ranging from business training courses to self-development courses and I’ve also attained multiple certificates in the world of Restorative and Hatha Yoga. I can, without a doubt, and with complete integrity,…

Graduate from Toronto, Canada

This course was enormously helpful for me professionally and personally. Bodhin and team are very compassionate, knowledgeable and professional instructors. They create a very safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to learn and grow. They provide developmental feedback in a very caring , yet…


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